Sleep Disorders

CCHC Sleep Lab is a state of the art outpatient facility that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from a wide range of sleep problems and disorders. Common disorders include obstructive and central sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, REM behavior disorder and parasomnias. The CCHC Sleep Lab is located on Medical Park Avenue in the new facility and offers new and improved equipment with four beds and a hospitality suite for family members. 

If you are a patient of CCHC Sleep Lab, please print and complete the Patient Questionnaire. The Sleep Lab instructions are directions to follow prior to your appointment at the CCHC Sleep Lab.
CCHC Sleep Lab Questionnaire
CCHC Sleep Lab Instructions

Please consult your primary care physician if you feel you are a candidate for a sleep study. For additional information about sleep disorders, feel free to check out the following links:

�� National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

�� The National Sleep Foundation

�� American Sleep Apnea Association


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